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Actilite Manuka Honey Dressings Box of 10-All Sizes Available

$16.17 $ 11.32
5cm x 5cm 10's
10cm x 10cm 10's
10cm x 20cm 10's
SKU : 331191460177 Category : Other First Aid Products

Actilite Manuka Honey Dressings. Actilite is a light Non-Adherent viscose net dressing coated with 99% Manuka Honey and 1% Manuka Oil.The addition on Manuka oil enhances the anti-microbial effect. We are not open on Weekends.

Additional Information
Active Ingredients Manuka Honey
Brand Advancis
Item Type Dressings
MPN Does Not Apply
Main Purpose Wound Healing
Type Dressings